New biosticker sensor from BioIntelliSense approved by FDA


BioIntelliSense has secured clearance from the FDA for its biosticker sensor for remote care.

The sensor is an advanced body sensor which enables continuous monitoring of vital signs and insights. It helps clinician’s access data from patients at home and helps with detections of complications early.

BioIntelliSense collaborated with UCHeatlth and its CARE Innovation Center to show the clinical applications of the Biostick device. UCHealth Chief Innovation Officer Dr Richard Zane said: “The use of the BioSticker device for continuous health monitoring enables us to monitor a patient in their home and recognize when a patient may have an exacerbation of illness even before they manifest symptoms. This may reduce hospitalizations, emergency department visits and shorten hospital stays, creating cost efficiencies for health systems.”

The sticker will combine with BioIntelliSense Data-as-a-Service platform. This acquires minute-to-minute vital signs and physiological biometrics. This allows the company to generate high-resolution patient trending and reporting, to provide medical-grade care in the home.

BioIntelliSense, CEO Dr James Mault, said: “We are at the inception of a remarkable new era in healthcare that will employ medical-grade sensor technologies to effortlessly capture remote patient data and generate personalized clinical intelligence.”

Source: Pharmafile