How to Kickstart your Career in 2017 – Tailored advice from our consultants

writingFor many Individuals from different industries and backgrounds around the world, New Year is often regarded as a period of time in which we reflect on the past 12 months and look to the changes we will be making for a better and brighter future. Be it in terms of fitness, career, financial or even social.

At Regulatory Professionals we recognise the importance of starting a new year correctly and  being a recruitment company, we can’t help but notice the influx of candidates looking to improve their career path to be where they want to be. Last year approximately 1 in 5 UK workers were looking for a new job for the new year (source).

We all believe strongly in helping our candidates to “put their best foot forward” and as a result we spoke to several recruiters on how best they can advise their candidates to make 2017 the year for their career…

“Not all recruiters are made equal.  One of the biggest gripes candidates state about recruiters, is that they are constantly called about jobs which aren’t a match for them or their needs, then they are pushed to go to interviews.  This can be extremely frustrating and is a valid concern.  If you are seeking a job in Life Sciences, you will have undoubtedly heard from several recruiters and some will (unfortunately) not be up to par.  What I mean by this, is they have not established what is important to you. The good news here, is that good recruiters do exist and you will immediately be able to tell who they are, because their primary concern will be what you want.  Of course there are other things you will look for in a consultant too, but once you have established that you are working with a recruiter who is worth their salt, do trust them.  Good recruiters will consider everything that is important to you and will have weighed up how much of a match a job is before they pick up the phone and call you – they will also be completely transparent about what you may or may not like about the job, so you can make an informed decision on whether to apply.  Not every job will 100% match what you are looking for, but if something meets 60%-70% of the criteria you have set – go to the interview.  Not only will this give you valuable practice, the job may also turn out to be something much more appealing than it was on paper.  This is because even the best recruiters cannot establish clearly the intangible elements of what matters to you.  A job description will not tell you whether you will get on with a manager, it won’t tell you that you will get a great gut feel when you walk into the office or what the company culture is really like.  Best of all, if you go to an interview and decide it’s not for you, a good recruiter will respect that decision, understand why it wasn’t right and work with you to make the next match a better one.

Often recruiters are thought of as just getting candidates out to any interview for the sake of it. While I don’t doubt that goes on in some companies, remember that your consultant is not being paid for setting up interviews, wherever they work.  If they do not actually place you, they do not get paid – screening applicants and setting up interviews requires a decent amount of leg-work on the part of the recruiter and it is not in their interest to waste your time (or theirs) if there is no chance you would actually take the job.  Typically, the more specialist the agency, the less likely you are to fall victim to a “volume” consultant.  But I cannot stress enough, the more interviews you actually get out to, the much better the chance of you finding the best job for you, and the much better the chance you have of interviewing to the best of your ability when that perfect job emerges.”

Angelo Duarte, Business Manager at Regulatory Professionals

Over the next coming weeks we will be looking at a variety of different areas candidates should look at to make positive changes. Which will include organisation, skills, mental health and online presence.

In addition to top notch, bespoke advice Regulatory Professionals also provide numerous other services to assist candidates such as:

•    Referral Scheme
•    Pipeline Watch
•    Contracting
•    Salary Survey Guide

We have a variety of different roles available at Regulatory Professionals that could be the dream job you were hoping for within the industry:

•    Clinical
•    CMC
•    Submissions and Publishing
•    Writing and Regulatory Labelling
•    Lifecycle Management
•    Medical Devices
•    Quality Assurance / Quality Control

If you are interested in discussing any of the above with a consultant, please contact us on: or alternatively call us at 0118 9522797

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