Industry Analytics Report: Regulatory Affairs – May 2016

CPIndustryAnalyticsCoverRegulatory Professionals, part of the Clinical Professionals Group, is collaborating with VacancySoft to produce a regular report to provide an extensive analysis of the vacancies available in a variety of different sectors, countries and areas of the life sciences industry.
The industry reports aim to track how trends in vacancies progress in order to highlight any up and coming job roles, areas of work and locations that are beginning to become more prominent due to the higher frequencies of vacancies available.

Not only do these reports allow Regulatory Professionals to act proactively to the demand but also allows our candidates and clients to make informative business decisions for the future of their company or career.

This month’s report specifically looks at the Regulatory Affairs sector and notes many interesting occurrences within the levels of vacancies available.

For instance, within the past 12 months there has been a 66% year on year increase of regulatory vacancies within the EU.

The data from the report also shows that the majority of the Regulatory vacancies are within the pharmaceutical sector with 84% of the total.

Regulatory Professionals consultant Aman Goraya commented:

“The findings of the report resonate well with the experiences of the Regulatory Affairs Perm team: we have found that the majority of vacancies have taken a shift from previous years, from CROs to more Pharma and Biotech companies. The types of Regulatory vacancies have tended to be more generalised with most vacancies covering LCM and Post Marketing/Approval. We have however seen a shift from the level of most vacancies, where they are moving from mid – level to more Senior Manager, Associate Director, Director and Senior Director roles”

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