Regulatory Contract Staffing Solutions

With contractual employment becoming an increasingly attractive option to our clients in the current market we can provide candidates at all levels, across Europe, through a variety of bases including freelance, fixed term contract or permanent employment through Regulatory Professionals.

These varied options provide our clients with the flexibility to choose an option that is suited to their company preferences and budgeting requirement.

Regulatory Freelance Candidates

Our extensive database of freelance candidates brings immediate experience and confidence in the roles they fulfil, often on a short notice period. In order to comply with employment laws and regulations our freelance candidates are all registered either as their own limited company, or work through a recognised Umbrella Company.

Permanent Employment through Regulatory Professionals

An increasingly popular option for clients seeking candidates to fill mid to long-term contract roles is Regulatory Professionals in-house group of permanent contractors who are seconded to our clients. As a company we already have a large group of contractors placed in roles of varying seniority amongst leading industry employers. Our permanently employed contractors are provided with an attractive benefits package, full administration assistance, a dedicated Contractor Line Manager and a generous training and development bursary.

Our internal Contractor Line Manager is wholly dedicated to looking after the needs not only of contractors but also the client with whom they are placed. We typically provide quarterly evaluation meetings and are able to undertake 6 monthly or annual appraisals when requested.

Contact the Regulatory Professionals Contract Staffing Team

To find out more about how Regulatory Professionals can help with your regulatory contract staffing requirements, email our team at or call us on:

UK Regulatory Contract Staffing Team: +44(0)118 952 2797
EU Regulatory Contract Staffing Team: +44(0)207 822 1717
German Regulatory Contract Staffing Team: +49 (0)711 222 54 403
Regulatory Contract Staffing Team: +32 (0)2 892 3993



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