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Regulatory Contract Opportunities

In the current regulatory job market contracting is not only an interim employment solution, but a viable long-term choice. With contract recruitment opportunities becoming ever-more prevalent amongst our clients, especially within the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology environments, there are three different options available to candidates: freelancing; permanent employment through Regulatory Professionals; and fixed term contracts direct with our clients.

Candidates seeking contract job opportunities gain the flexibility to choose from these options, matching their choice to their personal preferences, whether they seek the stability and security of permanent employment or the flexibility and financial advantages of freelance contracting.


'Freelancing' is an option for the more experienced regulatory candidate, which can provide lucrative financial rewards as well as significant tax advantages. However, this option also includes an element of risk, as there is no support either financially, or from a Human Resources standpoint should any issues arise. For example, if a freelance contractor became unable to work through illness they would receive no payment.

In order to comply with current employment laws and regulations, candidates working on a freelance basis must be registered as their own limited company, or work through an Umbrella Company. Although freelance candidates are still contracted through Regulatory Professionals, our responsibility lies solely with the payment of their basic salary, and we do not provide a benefits package.

Permanent Employment through Regulatory Professionals

For regulatory candidates seeking stability, administrative support, and the security of permanent employment, even when placed in a 'contract' role, permanent employment through Regulatory Professionals is an option that offers far greater security than freelancing. As a company, Regulatory Professionals are able to act as a contract house, employing candidates permanently and providing them with a full benefits package that would be expected within any permanent regulatory affairs position.

At Regulatory Professionals, our benefits package is highly competitive, and similar to that received by permanent employees of a CRO or Pharmaceutical or Biotech company; typically it will include a pension, paid holiday, health and life insurance, alongside further benefits.

To find out more about our current contracting job opportunities for regulatory affairs candidates, please contact us at:

UK Regulatory Recruitment Team: +44(0)118 952 2797
EU Regulatory Recruitment Team: +44(0)207 822 1717
Regulatory Recruitment Team:+32 (0)2 892 3993

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